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    I am often asked about using natural products in varieties of ways above and beyond what you see here on my site. In order to share my experiences, I have created a series of popular workshops and presentations, some of which have been highlighted on Channel 2’s “190 North” and WGN News at Noon. Since I love sharing information and always learn something while I’m at it, I feel blessed to be part of a community of mindful people who want to be more in balance with the natural world. I have presented at many public libraries, women’s clubs, green retailers, corporations and private groups of all sizes. Please contact Eleanor for information on scheduling, rates, etc. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you!

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    spas and workshops


    spas & workshops


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    spas and workshops


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    spas and workshops

    Program List:

    Green Spa

    This is the MOST popular presentation by far!! In this hands-on workshop, participants learn to make spa-quality beauty & body treatments from fresh ingredients they already have at home, in the fridge or the pantry. (Think LUSH, without the price tag!) I mix up various facial scrubs, masks, a salt scrub for hands & feet and other items (all recipes are given) and invite participants to try them right there, or take samples home if they prefer. There is a lot of Q&A, and it is a very interactive presentation. Great for a “girls’ night out”!

    Aromatherapy Workshop

    This presentation starts with a brief history of aromatherapy, and various ways it is used to enhance one’s physical and emotional health. Several methods of treatments are discussed, along with the basics of using herbs, flowers and essential oils. We mix up various recipes (all given) for massage oils, bug repellant, and oil blends for Stress Relief, PMS Relief, Sleep Aid, etc. Again, participants are invited to try or take home samples of all recipes made in the workshop.

    Herbal Recipes

    This workshop teaches the basics of growing one’s own herbs and using them in recipes as well as teas, potpourris and bath & body products. Participants will make delicious herbal-infused vinegars and oils to take home (all materials & recipes provided) and sample a freshly-made snack of Italian Herbal Dipping Oil on fresh French bread.

    Clean & Green At Home

    Participants learn how to make simple, non-chemical cleaning products at home, with vinegar, baking soda, lemons, borax and other household ingredients. Window cleaner, furniture polish, drain cleaner and other products are made in the workshop and samples given to take home. All recipes are suitable for people with chemical or environmental sensitivities, children and pets. All materials are provided.

    Handmade Green Spa Gifts

    Using some of the recipes from the Green Spa Workshop, as well as new recipes formulated specifically for this workshop, participants make and package products suitable for gift-giving: Sweet Spice Body Polish, Fizzing Foot Soak, Salt Scrub, Nail & Cuticle Oils, Facial Mask Kit, etc. This program can be tailored to younger participants as well as adults. All materials, recipes and packaging provided. This program is especially popular in November and December, as well as in spring, in anticipation of Mother’s Day.

    The Ugly Truth About What’s Really In Your Beauty Products

    Not a hands-on workshop, but a very informative presentation about the harmful chemicals found in many bath & body products such as shaving creams, toothpaste, shampoos, antiperspirants, etc. Participants are educated on the effects of continued use of such chemicals and how the body absorbs them through the skin, into the lymph system, and the long-term dangers of this. Alternate products and how to choose them are explored, and participants are given a brief “how to read the label” info packet to help make good choices. They are also invited to bring in a favorite product to be “rated” by the group.

    Green Spa Summer Survival Guide

    More make-it-yourself Green Spa summer recipes for body, sun care, home and pets! Participants receive recipes for such things as Herbal Deodorant, Natural Insect Repellent, After-Sun Body Spray, Fido’s Flea Spray, and more.

    The History of Soap

    Soap has been highly regarded through history as both a necessity and a luxury. This lecture-style program explores the history of soap from approximately 3000 B.C. to today. What we take for granted today was once controversial, involving legend, politics, religion, class struggles and more! Participants also learn what “real” soap is, and how to differentiate between mass-marketed detergent products and ingredients.

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